1-Day Busngol Mountain Trail Tour


Covers use of motorcycle for the entire duration of the tour, gasoline expenses, entrance fees, guides/mechanics, and any other administrative fees. Does not cover insurance, lunch, water, snacks, or a back-up vehicle. Need 5 riders minimum for the tour to push through.

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Welcome to the 1 Day Busngol Mountain Trail Tour of Palawan Motorcycle Tours.

This is a day tour comprised mostly of traversing dirt roads deep in the mountains of Palawan. Riders will experience trail-riding, rough roads, a bit of river crossing, and mountainous terrain.

Motorcycles will be composed of Yamaha Serow 250cc, Honda CRF150, Honda XR150, Honda XR200, and Yamaha XTZ125. Tour will need 5 riders minimum for the tour to push through.

The amount of the tour package will include motorcycle rent, gasoline, oil, lubricants, guides/mechanics, and any other administrative or environmental fees.

Does not cover lunch, water, snacks, or a back-up vehicle. The package does not include alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, and insurance of the bike and rider. Riders are advised to get their travel insurance. If there will be any damage to the motorcycle due to fall, crash, and/or improper handling, the rider using it will be charged the appropriate repair bill.

Please be aware and take caution throughout the tour. The majority of roads are winding, uphill, downhill and only a few kilometers of straight roads. Some curves have accumulated dirt or sand at certain parts and are slippery. Corners have no sign and some local drivers just cross or get into the road without any warning. Animals too, like cows, carabaos, boars, goats, chickens, and dogs are sometimes on the road.

Those who want to join the tour must have some experience riding motorcycles on the paved road, dirt like sand, gravel, mud, river crossings, uphill, and downhill. Riders must have a motorcycle driving license of their country or international. We strongly discourage beginners and amateurs in riding to join.

You may see some of our rides in YouTube.com under the channel of Pedrito Ensomo. On Facebook, see Trail Riding in Palawan and Palawan Peter Motorcycle and Car Rental pages.

Riders may bring their helmets and other riding gear. Only regular standard full head helmets will be supplied.

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Yamaha Serow 250cc, Honda CRF150 or XR200, Honda XR150 or Yamaha XTZ125