Honda XR 150


Be unafraid to explore new roads with a bike that can handle rough terrains – the Honda XR150, powered by a 4 stroke, Single Cylinder SOHC, 5-speed, 150cc engine made to endure long rides. It also has a CRF-inspired coloring and graphics, a wider dual seat for a comfortable ride, mono-shock suspensions and a well-balanced tire size meant for any adventure on or off-road.

Color and variant availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do our best to accommodate requests. All bookings will be confirmed upon full payment via Paypal or a non-refundable reservation fee amounting to 10% of the total amount via Bank Transfer. Money transfer charges are at the expense of the customer. Free hotel or airport meet-ups.

To book multiple units, please make multiple orders.

Days Price
1 900
2 - 3 900
4 - 6 800
7+ 700