Palawan Motorcycle Tours

Get to explore the Philippines' Last Frontier on two wheels with Palawan Motorcycle Tours.

We are a locally-owned, managed, and operated organization that have been exploring Palawan on two wheels.

Tour Activities

Explore and Experience Palawan!

Why Palawan Motorcycle Tours?

Let us count the ways...

Customizable Tours.

We can offer custom trips around Palawan. Just tell as an itinerary or your requirement and we can arrange something for you.

Local Experts.

We are from Palawan. We know Palawan like the back of our hands.

No Hidden Charges.

There are no additional costs. All trips include permits, lodging, and food.
There are no surprises with hidden charges.

No Middle-men.

You transact directly with people from Palawan. This gives you the peace of mind of local support. When you book with us, you get the best possible price.

Feel the Adventure.

Nothing beats feeling the wind on your face, fresh air, and countryside scenery. You are with Nature.

Tour Support.

We have local rescue and support teams that will guide you on your travel. Local knowledge is available for you.